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De-WestWind Nigeria Ltd is a subsidiary of De West Wind LLC, California, a leading company which provides delivery services. De-WestWind Nigeria Ltd provides ride sharing and direct pick up (courier) services. Using our smart phone App or through our website, you can initiate a request either for ride sharing or pick up services and one of our reliable drivers or riders will be with you momentarily. We provide same day courier or direct pick-up services

We don’t just provide unparalleled service – we also keep you up to date with information on the status of your requests, reviews of our drivers/ riders, and total transparency with our fees and policies so there are no surprises.

What sets us apart

  • You can request a ride and a friend or family member can track your movements through out the entire time that you use our service.
  • You and your family can enjoy the weekend, holiday, or time off from work, and we will move whatever you need from one location to another.
  • Already placed a site-to-store order? Have something you need dropped off at your job? You need someone to pick up your cloths from your fashion designer or auto spare parts from your dealer to your auto repair shop? With direct pick-ups, we can pick up and deliver any item for you.
  • We have services for group registration with huge discount for all members of such group.
  • Combining professionalism, quality service, ethics, integrity and innovation, we are driven by a culture of excellence and a strict adherence to practices that meet your expectations.


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Office Hours: 8 AM to 5 PM (Monday - Friday)

How It Works

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Download our app from your app store or register online.

Create An Order

Take a ride or dispatch an item from the app

Pick Up

One of our drivers/dispatchers picks you or your item up quickly

Drop off

Driver drops you/item off at destination after safe and sweet ride.