Getting to this point didn’t happen overnight. It took us many years of strategic planning before we could make this vision a reality. The journey started many years ago when our President/CEO was confronted with a problem in the middle of the night. He was suddenly awoken by his son who had taken ill. All the boy needed was an over-thecounter medication but there was none to be found in the house. At about 2 AM, our president had no choice other than to drive six miles to a 247 Walgreen pharmacy. It was during this drive that the idea started to form - creating a trusted brand to provide service to working families who find themselves in similar situations.

Several years later we are still evolving to meet the needs of those families by expanding to other countries including Nigeria, the Papa’s land of our President who is in love with his root and yearning for a service to his native country, Nigeria - to provide employment for the seeming population of our hardworking youths. Join us in our journey!

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