Partners/Drivers FAQ

  • Can I register as a driver/partner or rider and also as a customer?


  • How can I select my working location?

    You can manually select your working area location or use current location.

  • Can I be a partner and still driving?

    Yes, you can own a vehicle and drive it all you need to do is to click the option become a driver on your dashboard and then, select the car you want to drive in Fleet Management with the action option, 'i want to drive this car'.

  • As a non driving partner, can I post the information of the vehicles I own so that drivers can apply to drive them?

    Yes, all you need to do is to make your car available for rent. This can be done in Fleet Management, in the vehicle option, you select 'yes' to make the car avaialable for rent. Once this is done, your vehicle(s) will be visible to drivers in need of a car to drive.

  • I understand that if I have a bike that has a carrier at the back I can register and do pick up services for your company.

    Yes, that is correct, provided you have a carrier at the back of your bike and abide by all rules as applied by the state under which you operate.

  • How do I get paid and how much?

    This is stated in our driver/partner terms of agreement. You will get 90% of the delivery or service fee charged to customers whether or not you own the vehicle. Our charges are subject to change at any time. Payment is made every Monday.

  • How often will I get paid?

    The total amount you have accrued will be paid weekly via direct deposit to your bank account.

  • Do I have to pay money to become a driver or rider?

    No, we do not ask our drivers or riders to pay any money to us.

  • How do I know if a customer makes an order?

    When a customer makes an order or a request for a ride, a notification will be sent via phone to all drivers/riders registered within 30 miles of the order area. The first driver/rider to accept the order will be responsible for the order or request. After which, if another driver/rider opens that order/ request, the app will tell him that another driver/rider has accepted it order and no longer available.

  • After I accept an order/request for a ride how long do I have to deliver it?

    It is expected that once a driver/rider accepts the service is then carried out immediately. We have assured our customers that their requests will be attended to within a short period of time. This is covered in our service agreement.

  • Is there any limit of number of requests I can accept a day?

    No, there is no limit. You can accept as many as you are available to. Please consider your ability to provide the service when accepting requests and do not accept more than you are able to handle within the specified time.

  • How can I determine the true identity of a customer before I deliver the items?

    For every transaction, there is a unique code that is generated by the system which is provided to you as well as the customer. A customer may designate a third party for delivery of their items by providing them with the order code. Please verify this code upon delivery.

  • Can I cancel my order after it has been submitted?

    Please call our customer care department for details.

  • Can I accept tips from customers?

    Yes. There is a provision for optional gratuity at the time of check-out, or a customer may choose to tip you directly at the time of delivery. Any gratuity given is 100% yours.

  • Can I accept cash payment for services on behalf of De West Wind?

    Yes, and this will be considered when commission is being paid to all parties.

  • Do I issue receipt to customer on delivery?

    No, the system will automatically generate a receipt once a transaction is complete.

  • Do you provide services in all states of Nigeria?

    We currently provide services in 7 states: Lagos, Ogun, Edo, Enugu, Delta, FCT, and Rivers. We will be covering more states as we progress.

  • Can I decide to stop being a driver/rider at any time or do I need to give notice?

    You may decide not to be a driver/rider at any time but you must return any of De West Wind properties that may be in your possession. It is also expected that you will complete any deliveries you have already agreed to.

  • As a partner, how can I know the list of my drivers?

    The list and details of drivers is shown in drivers column in your menu as a partner.

  • How do you get my account details as a partner?

    This is done in the banking option on your menu. You can update this information at anytime.

  • What is the maximum amount of vehicles I can have as a partner?

    There is no limit to the number of vehicles you can have on our partner.

  • How do my car get inspected?

    We have a list of available and accessible inspection centers. You are free to book an inspection with anyone close to you. You can book an inspection by selecting vehicle inspection in the menu.

  • How can I monitor my driver's movement and activities?

    This can be done in the rides option in the menu.

  • How can I add to the number of vehicles I have?

    You can add to the number of vehicles you have in your fleet management in the menu, you select the option add new vehicles.


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